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Doug Petersen

After graduating from MSU in 1987 and working in the environmental consulting field for a number of years Doug pursued his passion and began personal training in 1996. Since then he’s not only trained hundreds of clients, but managed trainers, and owned his own facility. Doug is passionate about the perception of the health/fitness industry. “This field has changed and will continue to change quickly as government policy drives us toward prevention and away from sick care. The industry must raise it’s standards and recognize it’s role in this shift.” After spending years as more a competitive participant in outdoor activities Doug now embraces more meditative pursuits like yoga and more purposeful types of movement exercises. “How we do anything is typically how we do everything; we are not only what we eat but what we think and the recognition of the mind, body, spirit aspect of our entire existence will lead us to true well-being”

141 Rivers Edge Drive Traverse City, MI 49684